Preferred File Size (HD):

1920x1080 (h.264) 29.97 fps drop frame

1280x720 (h.264) 59.94 fps drop frame

128kbps Audio

Please limit bit rate to 4-15 MB

Closed Captioning:

We prefer embedded captioning as a 608 or 708. 

If that is not possible , we will accept a Version 1 .SRT file format.

*All WACP content MUST be Closed Captioned.


File uploads:

Upload files to Dropbox:

please email requesting a link and we will send you a Dropbox link invitation. Use this Dropbox folder link to upload your files.

*Please send a follow up email to when you place the upload.


All files are due in house 48 hours prior to air time and must be ready to air - no slates etc.

Western Pacific FTP Site:

Username: guest1

Password: guest1234


Tape/DVD Distribution:

Western Pacific Broadcast, LLC

Attn: Traffic Department

400 N. Ashley Dr.

Suite 2500

Tampa, FL 33602